About Jessica Fields

Jessica FieldsJessica Fields relies on ancient history as her most divine inspiration. “I think turning to the greatest times in our design history is the best influence I can have,” states Fields. Enamored by the splendor and intricacy of Greco-Roman and Byzantine period jewelry, Fields has shaped her passion into a collection of classic, breathtaking beauty.

After high school in Rye, NY she headed to the University of Michigan, where she threw herself into college life with abandon, taking a class in just about every subject the school had to offer. It was there that she discovered her passion for making jewelry. She moved to New York City and enrolled at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology to further her studies in goldsmithing in depth. And the rest is history.

Fields infuses her 18K gold and platinum pieces with a delicate, yet strong, design aesthetic, combining antiquity with a modern slant. Color, often reminiscent of brilliant stained glass, ignites the collection. Along with the Greco-Roman period Fields calls upon the intricate, glittering works of the Byzantine period, the geometry of the Medieval era, the bold designs of Indian jewelry as well as the expressive, colorful Art Nouveau period for design ideas.

At the center of her line is a unique, timeless bridal collection that weaves pearls, diamonds and delicately crafted gold into wedding magic. Throughout her collections Fields conveys the classic beauty and grandeur of some of our most important times in history. “I want people to feel like royalty when they wear my jewelry,” Fields says. “There is a bit of history in every piece I design.”

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