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Choosing the Best Jeweler

Special occasions happen all year long which means you may be looking for that perfect anniversary gift, engagement ring, or “just because” piece of jewelry. And if you’re trying to figure out what jeweler to use, that can be difficult to pinpoint. Jewelry can be a meaningful, special gift or purchase for yourself and it’s important to get quality pieces from professionals with a good reputation. Here is what to ask about a jeweler.

Does the Store have a Good Reputation?

It is important to make sure the jewelry store that you’re looking into has a good, well-established reputation in the community. You should look at things like their Google reviews and ratings as well as their accomplishments and accolades. For example, here at St. John’s Jewelers, we have great Google reviews and we were voted Best Jeweler in Howard County in 2021 by our customers!

Do They Have Certified Professionals on Staff?

Having quality staff says a lot about a store and having certified professionals on staff says a lot about a jewelry store. One thing you can look for is if someone on the staff is a graduate gemologist. This ensures they have knowledge and experience. Here at St. John’s Jewelers, our owner is a Graduate Gemologist from Santa Monica and has been working here since 1973! We also have an in-house Bench Jeweler with 30 years of experience and two additional GIA Diamond Graduates on staff.

Are They Committed to Their Products and Good Customer Service?

It is important to be working with a jeweler that takes pride in their work as well as their customer service. If there is ever an issue it’s important to know they will listen to you and work to make it better, especially when it comes to something as important as jewelry.

Trusting Your Jeweler

Make sure to choose a jeweler you can trust. One who has the knowledge, experience, and a good reputation. This is extremely important when it comes to fine jewelry. Knowing the right questions to ask and the right qualifications they should have goes a long way when searching for the best jeweler.

Finding the Right Jeweler

Now that you know how to find the right jeweler, get in touch with St. John’s Jewelers and learn more about our products, services, experience, and reputation.

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