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Design Your Dream Engagement Ring

A special engagement ring for that special someone isn’t always easy to find. It sometimes requires a bit of time, especially considering the number of options available on the market. At St. John’s Jewelers, we have experience, and our staff has the knowledge to ensure you find the right one for you. Here are a few points to consider from local jewelers.

Diamond Shape and Type

Firstly, choose your diamond type. Will it be natural or lab-grown? At St. John’s Jewelers, we offer beautiful natural diamonds as well as certified, sustainable lab diamonds. You may even opt for a stone from a family ring or heirloom.

When choosing, the two main types are round brilliant and fancy cut. Fancy includes all other cuts besides round brilliant, such as princess, cushion, oval, and more.

The type and shape are all personal preferences, some people want an interesting, intricate cut while others are after that intense sparkle.

Choose Your Design

The next step is to choose your setting and design. For example, a prong setting clutches the stone, while a pave setting holds in smaller diamonds and runs along the surface of the piece. You may even mix certain settings and designs.

Select Your Metal and Color

Your metal and the color you choose are also a matter of preference. Platinum, for instance, is known as a strong metal, while gold is a traditional metal used in bands. White gold has the appearance of silver and holds up very well. You could also go with yellow gold which often has a classic, vintage look.

Decide on Width and Thickness

As you’re designing your engagement ring, consider the thickness. Choose based on the size of the diamond, the size of the wearer’s finger, and if you’d like any designs on the band.


The engravings personalize the ring one step further. An engraving may include a special saying, wedding date, engagement date, names, or anything you want. You may also want to save engraving for wedding bands.

Let Local Jewelers Help You Decide

Although you have many options to select from when customizing an engagement ring, don’t let that intimidate you. St. John’s Jewelers’ owner and Graduate Gemologist, Linda Miller, can help you choose and answer any questions you may have.

When you’re searching for local jewelers, look no further. We offer various options as well as great staff to help you out. Contact us today!

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