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How to Choose a Jeweler and Decide on Your Ring Design, and What to Know About St. John’s Jewelers

Choosing the right jeweler and ring design is an important decision for any couple. Your ring design is a reflection of your love story, style, and personality. It’s also a symbol of your commitment to each other. That’s why it’s important to find a jeweler that you trust and who can help you create the perfect ring design for your special day. With the right jeweler, you can be sure that your ring design will be crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. The right jeweler will also ensure that you get the best value for your money while making sure that your ring is designed just as you envisioned it.

Interview with a St. John’s Jewelers Customer

Since choosing a trusted jeweler and ring design are both so important, we’ve asked one of our recent customers how she decided which jeweler to use and how she chose her ring design. Read on for some great advice!

Why I Selected St John’s Jewelers:

I did a lot of online research and found so many things I thought I liked, but it was so hard to know — you can’t tell by looking at a website if that ring is THE ring. I also went to a few chain jewelers and just didn’t get the feeling that a store like that would have what I thought I wanted. I talked to a good friend of mine from home who is also a jeweler, and she recommended looking for a reputable jeweler around me that I could work with directly. I did (some more) online research and St. John’s Jewelers immediately came up in the list. It’s not the closest one to me, but I knew right away when I stopped in that it was the place I wanted my ring from! I’ve never felt super comfortable in fine jewelry stores — it’s all so fancy and expensive! — but talking to the staff there put me at ease immediately. Again, I had done my research, so I think they also had fun talking to me (I knew the Mohs scale hardness of the stone I wanted and I think that intrigued them). From the start it was friendly, fun, easy, and oh did I mention fun? Looking at pretty rings is FUN!

How I Decided on this Design:

I have never wanted a diamond engagement ring. They are beautiful! But just not my style. I always like something a little different. I was back and forth between a sapphire (I’m a September baby) and a London Blue Topaz, which I had only recently discovered (in the aforementioned research!) and just fell in love with. The color is a grayer blue than a sapphire, and looks different colors in different lights — sometimes sapphires are so dark that they look almost black, so the London Blue Topaz was just the right color blue for me. It is also waaaaay more affordable than a sapphire! I don’t think an engagement ring has to cost thousands and thousands of dollars to be the perfect ring (same goes for a wedding — we aren’t going to spend a down payment for a house on that either!).

When I went to St. John’s, Linda was going to be at a gem show later that month, so she actually bought a few stones with me in mind and I came back in to pick which one I liked the best. It was perfect! Just the color I wanted, the right size and cut… it seemed too easy! I had also looked at a lot of settings, and saw one ring in particular that had this very simple side setting that really accentuated the stone. I picked that one out, and Linda worked her magic! It truly is just so beautiful, it’s been a month and a half since I’ve had it and I still admire it all the time!

What Should People Know About St. John’s Jewelers:

There are lots of things to know about St. John’s, but I’d say the top thing is that it is just easy and comfortable (and FUN!) to work with them. They have a lovely selection of estate jewelry (which I learned the definition of from St. John’s, haha!), but they are so easy to work with if you want to create something beautiful and unique. They’re accommodating of budgets, and you can tell they really just want you to have the ring that YOU want. They made the experience so easy and enjoyable. We’ll be getting our wedding bands from there too 🙂

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