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Planning Your Wedding

A wedding is a wonderful event celebrating love and hope for the future of the loving couple. However, planning a wedding can sometimes prove to be a stressful event. From picking out the ring to locking in a venue, there are several moving parts when planning your special day. To start, you need the perfect ring. St. John’s Jewelers, the best jewelry store in Ellicott City, Maryland, can help you with all your engagement and wedding ring needs. St. John’s Jewelers can also help guide you to the perfect venue for your special day.

The Perfect Ring

Finding the perfect ring is very important to many couples. St. John’s Jewelers carries a variety of rings that match any lifestyle and budget. With fifteen categories to choose from, you can find the ideal ring that speaks to your heart including cluster, solitaire, halo, and many other styles. Diamond cuts come in thirteen different shapes to meet any need, and diamond colors offer you a wide variety for a unique ring. You can get the perfect ring for your special day.

Get the best ring from the best jewelry store in Ellicott City, Maryland at St. John’s Jewelers. Using a family heirloom ring? St John’s can also add custom touches to a ring you already have by remounting stones or changing them or resizing them to match your needs. They can also clean and polish vintage rings and make them look new.

The Right Venue

After you decide on the perfect ring, the next step is finding the venue that best meets your needs. Some of the more popular venues in the area include:

  1. Main Street Ballroom can be customized to fit your needs.
  2. Turf Valley Resort and Glen Ellen Farm offer great outdoor venue options.
  3. Waverly Historic Mansion and Belmont Manor provide a beautiful historic setting for your big day.
  4. Gramercy Mansion allows you to combine your wedding venue with your honeymoon at its beautiful B&B.
  5. Catering by Uptown has a variety of venues to meet any style as well as other services to help you on your big day.

Get Wedding Advice From the Best Jewelry Store in Ellicott City, MD

Before booking your venue, stop in at St. John’s Jewelers for the perfect ring for your perfect day. Jewelers are standing by to help you find your ideal piece.

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