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Popular Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is a very important piece of jewelry, you don’t want just any diamond to celebrate the love of your life. The diamond shape gives engagement rings their style. The professionals at St John’s Jewelers can help you pick out the perfect shape and size diamond for your special day.

Popular Diamond Shapes

The shape of the diamond can determine the overall look of the engagement ring. Some of the most popular shapes are the round cut, princess cut, cushion cut, emerald cut, Marquise cut, oval cut, and pear cut, and for good reason.

Round Cut

The round cut is the most popular shape. This shape takes full advantage of the reflecting qualities and clarity of the natural shape of the stone, making a great cut for a solitaire engagement ring or one with more bling.


The princess cut, featuring a square or rectangular face, is another very popular shape for future brides. This cut can sometimes carry a smaller price tag than a round cut without sacrificing brilliance and versatility.


A cushion-cut diamond combines a square look with rounded corners to resemble a pillow and has become a very popular shape for many brides-to-be.


If you are into Art Deco, an emerald-cut diamond may be the shape for your engagement ring. With its cropped corners, rectangular cut, and open table features, this shape captures the diamond’s clarity brilliantly.


the Marquise cut (also called the Navette shape), with its delicate edges and unique shape, is another popular diamond for the bride-to-be. The shape of the diamond can create an illusion of longer fingers and a larger diamond size when set properly.


This is a version of the round cut with the shape resembling an egg more than a perfect circle. This cut is as versatile as the round cut, but it must be cut just right to hide any flaws that may be in the stone.


The pear diamond, also called the tear-drop, has a rounded bottom and a tapered top to resemble a pear or tear. This cut is great for larger diamonds, so if you want a large stone, this may be the perfect diamond cut for your engagement ring.

Finding the Perfect Engagement Rings

Choosing an engagement ring can be a tough decision. You may just need a little help, that’s ok! For help picking out your perfect engagement ring, visit St. John’s Jewelers and find the stone of your dreams. We also offer sustainable lab-grown diamonds, ask about them today!

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