Linda Miller featured in Her Mind magazine.

Linda Miller, the owner of St. John’s Jewelers, is featured in the November/December 2013 issue of Her Mind magazine. The article is reprinted below.

Linda Miller featured in Her Mind magazine. - St. John's Jewelers
“Trust is important. Make sure your customers trust you.” – Linda Miller, St. John’s Jewelers
Embracing the Gem

When she was in high school, Linda Miller worked in the jewelry store that her parents, Irwin and Charlotte Farber, had founded in 1973. This year, St. John’s Jewelers in Ellicott City celebrates its 40th year in business. But now, Linda is the owner.

Miller didn’t join the business right out of high school. Like many children of family business owners, she wanted to try something different. So she attended college and played collegiate volleyball. After graduation, she felt the tug and decided to come back.

Miller became a certified gemologist and joined the family business. About seven years ago, she says, she became the owner.

“I love the business. I love what I do,” says Linda. “[My parents] built it on such a solid foundation.”

While ownership of St. John’s Jewelers has changed, one thing has stayed the same: it’s still “all in the family.” Linda’s parents help out, and her daughters, Nicolette Miller, 15, and Margaux Winnard, 23, work there as well.

Miller purchases a lot of new pieces to keep the store up-to-date, but also keeps an inventory of estate jewelry. The store purchases gold and silver that they melt down to transform into new, custom pieces.

Over the years, says Miller, “our reputation has stayed strong.”


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