Getting To Know St. John’s Jewelers’ Visual Merchandiser

If you have been into the store lately, you have noticed that we have made a lot of changes.  Some changes are obvious and other changes are very discreet.   We celebrated our 40th anniversary last year and we just thought it was the right time to make some changes and get us ready for the next 40 years.  We hired a visual merchandiser, Courtney G., in the fall and said “Let’s Make Some Changes.”  And, boy have we made some changes.  We asked Courtney to share with us some of her secrets and here is what she had to say:

“I like to change up the store decor seasonally using traditional color schemes for the seasons.  I find that customers are excited by the change of seasons (like this long-awaited spring) and are ready to see a new look and new designs.  Our current wall displays are in a soft, refreshing blue with spring flowers and tree branches.


For the case displays, I use inspiration from the jewelry itself.  For example, for more natural feeling pieces I like to use nature inspired materials and props. I also like to use symmetry in the cases, but find it only works well with a few selected pieces.

Tip:  Sometimes opposites attract.  Place small feminine pieces against strong, dark properties.

For new designers/new jewelry, I like to highlight them in their own case. An example would be our new line of Ananda Khalsa jewelry.  For these earthy and nature inspired pieces, I used a simple uncluttered space with natural materials like wood, stones and burlap fabric.

Tip:  An addition of one bright, eye-catching color amidst mute, neutral colors is very appealing.

PageLines- AnandaKhalsa.png

Final word: Changing up the store seasonally gets us and our customers excited for new jewelry and new trends.  I really enjoy making the store inviting and fun and I would love for you to stop by and say Hi! ”

We hope you enjoyed this “conversation with Courtney” and if you need any design tips make sure to stop by and ask for Courtney!  And, if you liked this blog post let us know at and we will make sure to add “more tips” in a future post!

P.S. Courtney also likes to bake! Follow us on Facebook and you can see some of the yummy treats she makes for us at the store!

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