Make A Statement

When it comes to jewelry everyone has their own style.  Some like a classic single strand whether it is pearls or a simple gold necklace, but others believe “you can never wear too much jewelry.”  For those of you who like to wear several necklaces at a time or multiple bangle bracelets, read on for some tips for how to wear jewelry to your advantage.

While jewelry is a personal thing, it can also be a reflection of your spirit.  Regardless of your style, wear what you like and don’t stress about it.  If it brings you joy, then just have fun with it.  If you like mixing gold and silver just because you like how it looks, then wear it.  You might be surprised to learn that what you like is actually quite stylish and trendy.


Tip:  While loading up with an armful of bangles is fun and sparkly, it is usually best to think minimal with earrings and necklaces at the same time.

If layering necklaces and loading up on bangles is not your thing, consider stacking mixed metal rings. Eye-catching rings allow you to make a statement when talking with your hands.  To properly stack, choose rings that have flat edges that can be twisted to fit on top of each other.


Tip: Keep in mind that when wearing rings that catch the eye, those eyes will also be looking at your hands so remember to get that manicure!

Layering necklaces is also a fun way to show your style spirit!  You can do multiples of the same material, or better yet, mix metals. Try a delicate piece with edgy chains, beads, or pearls.


If you would like more tips and pictures, please see our Pinterest board here.

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