See Our New QALO Colors at St. John’s Jewelers

We are so excited to get new QALO silicone wedding bands in difference colors at St. John’s Jewelers! We now have black, white, pink, gray and camo!


QALO (pronounced KAY-LOW) was founded in 2012, by a newly married, loving life and hating their wedding bands. They loved what the traditional wedding band symbolized, but found it completely impractical for their active lifestyle.  They searched far and wide for a more practical ring that would allow them to cater to their active lives.  From the gym to the ocean and the court to the course, a more functional wedding band was in high demand.  After many hours, materials and evolutions, they found that medical grade silicone wedding rings were the answer to the problem and QALO was born.
At St. John’s Jewelers, QALO has been flying off the shelves.  Our customers range from Crossfit lovers to others who are just looking for QALO to wear to the beach or pool.
Stop in today and look at our selection of QALO rings!
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