Lab grown diamonds have the same physical properties as the diamonds harvested from the Earth and are grown here in the United States.

St. John’s Jewelers is an accredited SCS Global Services jeweler that sells a large selection of Sustainable and Certified Lab grown diamonds. Did you know that lab diamonds have the same beautiful cuts and clarities but are less expensive than natural diamonds? They come certified with GIA, IGI or GCAL certificates.
By becoming an accredited Certified Sustainability Rated Diamond retailer, St. John’s Jewelers shows our commitment to social and environmental responsibility, transparency of origin, and ethical stewardship in the diamond industry.
Lab Grown Diamonds | St. John's Jewelers

Pillars of Sustainability

Each Certified Sustainable Diamond is accompanied with detailed information that explains how its Sustainability Rating was earned. Pillars of Sustainability include:
To learn more about purchasing a Sustainable Lab Grown diamond, please contact us.
I was offered a very fair price for my jewelry and the whole process was easy and quick. Thank you, Linda, for making selling gold a personable and pleasurable experience!

Ann O.

Lab Grown Diamonds | St. John's Jewelers
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