Not Sure What To Do With Old or Broken Jewelry? We Do!

Do you have broken jewelry you are not sure if you should keep? How about antique jewelry that is not your style, but you do not want to part ways with it? Or do you have sterling silver utensils sitting in a drawer that you know you will never use, but you know they are valuable? Yes, that’s right! I am talking about sterling silver utensils on a jewelry blog!  You may have never imagined that you could take a sterling silver utensil and make it into a ring, but that’s what we can help you with at St. John’s Jewelers.stjohnsjewelerssterlingsilverutensilsring
Instead of labeling your jewelry as “old” or “broken” why not see if you can create something “new” from it first?  It could be as simple as taking a broken brooch and turning it into a pendant for a necklace or a charm.  We had a customer come to us with her mother’s tennis bracelet and wanted to use it to make gifts for her grandchildren to celebrate her mother’s 90th birthday.  Together we came up with an idea to use the bracelet to create 40 cross or star pendants complemented with a diamond from the bracelet.
Or it could be as simple as taking an antique charm and adding it to a current look like a Wind and Fire Bangle.


Sometimes it is hard to imagine new looks for old jewelry, but it never hurts to bring it into the store for some ideas.  In fact, that’s the best part of Linda’s day (St. John’s Jewelers owner).  She absolutely loves brainstorming new ideas with her customers and coming up with something new from something old!  You can also take a look at our Pinterest Page for other designs we have created and stay tuned for our next post on St. John’s Jewelers Original Designs.

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